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Gordon Ellis


Langham SureGrip

Designed to make furniture raising as simple as possible, the Langham SureGrip can be used on most types of furniture.

It can accommodate castors, legs, solid bases and even modern block feet, by using the included adhesive pad adaptors.

Each Langham Suregrip features a unique double grip to hold tightly onto the furniture without damaging it. The height is adjusted in seconds simply by twisting the unit up and down. The exact raise height it shown on the side as you raise it.

Each SureGrip unit twists to give a variable height range from 1.5-4 inch (38-100mm) for furniture with legs.

Additional components and spare parts:

If required, link arms and spreader bars are available to provide a secure linked raise, for furniture that is prone to movement when used.

Product Codes:

60570 Raiser units: set of 4 with adhesive pad block adaptors

60571 Link arms: set of 2, with wing nut and bolt

60572 Spreader bar: single, with wing nut and bolt

60573 Spare adhesive pad block adaptors: set of 4

60574 Spare foot pads: set of 12


  • Model: 60570