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Multi Purpose Raiser

Our Multi-Purpose Furniture Raiser has been carefully developed using over 30 years of experience in design and manufacturing furniture raisers, couples with feedback from Occupational Therapists.

Linked raisers provide the safest method of raising furniture, as they are very stable, even for those who sit down forcefully. The Multi-Purpose Raiser components can be used to build a stable raiser for the majority of armchairs, beds and sofas, yet can be removed without damaging or changing furniture.

The tough high quality plastic will give a long service life and is easy to clean by hand or mechanical processes. The unique pivoting head allows the same main unit to be used at the head, middle or foot of a bed, or perfectly placed to fit into the corners of an armchair.

The unit is load bearing on top and in the well, so it is versatile enough to raise furniture with castors, solid bases, large wooden blocks that will rest on top, or large wooden legs that will fit inside. It can even raise the double castors found in divan beds.

The whole unit is height adjustable with simple to use clip on sections, each 20mm (3/4"), giving a wide range of heights.

Raise Heights:

Legs: 2 - 5inch (5 - 12 1/2cm)

Castors: 3 - 6inch (7 1/2 - 15cm)

Divan Bases: 4-7inch (10 - 17 1/2cm)


LP/MPR-BK: MPR raiser unit

LP/MPR/BASE-BK: clip on height sections (pack of 12)

LP/MPR/SB: spreader bars and wing nuts (pack of 6)

LP/MPR/4: extra long spreader bars (pack of 6).


  • Model: LP-MPR-BK