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Gordon Ellis


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Download Product Info for the Grip-On Raiser 2.5".

Grip-On Raiser 2.5".

The Grip-On Raisers are highly versatile and work with furniture on castors or on legs. They use a unique 'doughnut' to grip on to the furniture meaning no tools are needed.

The raiser becomes attached to the furniture without damaging it, giving increased safety over cone raisers and providing additional reassurance for the user.

The Grip-On raisers are provided as a set of four with a 3inch (7.5cm) raise made up of individual 1inch (2.5cm) sections. A raise height can be set as low as just 1inch (2.5cm) or, by using two packs, can be set as high as 5inch (12.5cm).

There are 3 sizes to choose from:

LP/K100 - Max. diameter 1 1/4inch (3.2cm)

LP/K200 - Max. diameter 1 3/4inch (4.5cm)

LP/K300 - Max. diameter 2 1/4inch (5.8cm)

*Minimum diameter - 3/4inch (1.9cm)

Max. User Weight:: 500kg (78 stone / 1100lbs)


  • Model: LP/K300