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Red Ashby Raised Toilet Seat wins Innovation Award at NAEP Conference 2016

Gordon Ellis and Co. would like to send a huge congratulations to Drive Medical for winning the Innovative Product Showcase award at NAEP Exhibition 2016 with the Red Ashby Raised Toilet Seat!

The Ashby Red Raised Toilet Seat was created and is manufactured by Gordon Ellis and Co. in our Dementia Care range. Many people with Dementia have visual recognition issues which can make low contrast areas, such as white bathroom suites, difficult to distinguish and recognise. This can result is anxiety and loss of dignity, so by creating a high contrast toilet seat it makes it easier to use and find their way around the bathroom.

But why red? The colour red is associated with alert; research has shown that it increases brain wave activity and can stimulate the production of adrenalin into the blood stream. Therefore, red coloured items tend to attract more attention and, when used against a white bathroom suite, it helps the products stand out for recognition and use.

We also offer the Red Ashby Grab Bars and Red Ashby Step 2 for bathrooms in our Dementia Care range.

Safe and Sound Products (SASPL) joins the Gordon Ellis & Co family

Gordon Ellis & Co have acquired Safe and Sound Products (SASPL), adding new hearing and visual impairment products into their healthcare range.

Fiona Ellis-Winkfield, Managing Director of Gordon Ellis & Co said she is excited to be taking on this new business venture: “we are thrilled with this acquisition. There is so much potential to expand the range and grow the business further, thanks to the new technological innovations which are starting to come into this sector. The business is a perfect fit for us and complements our existing healthcare range.”

SASPL was founded by Roy Clegg, who has gained a deserved reputation for providing expert knowledge and service from his 30 years of experience. Current SASPL products include TV listening devices, talking clocks, and alerting systems for smoke alarms, telephones and doorbells.

Roy Clegg (pictured left) said “with my planned retirement from the business, it was important to me that my existing customers continue to receive the high level of service they have come to expect. I am very pleased that a long established company such as Gordon Ellis & Co is taking over the reins, as they are the right partner to continue Safe and Sound Products.”

Chris Davies (pictured right) is the contact for new and existing customers. The new phone number is 01332 856 022, or